Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MANILA BEAT blogsite

well just started my other blog that features italo and manila beats from mostly the 80's and some 90's...a lot of stock aitken waterman, PWL, ZYX and remake of old classics turned house. if you can detour here http://manila-beat.blogspot.com/ and add it, i would greatly appreciate it. NB TK CINO and the rest of the bloggers who are interested in this kind of music and those who grew up during this era, you might want to keep this in mind AIGHT!!! THANKS!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

EVERGREEN-house of magic cards

Here's to another year for my buddy cino pacino alias JAAP hehehe...adding another wrinkle to your betlers i see uuhmmm... well consider this a treat, i almost forgot to post this good thing i remembered and what a perfect time to post on a special occasion. brief description; evergreen is a band from france formed in 1994 and signed with nessie records, very indie and very dreampoppy(ish), that is it , no info at all out there so, can't expand further. well its time to strut down lahey united and hangout with the lads for some pacman and ping pong action.

house of magic cards

Monday, November 8, 2010

THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART-everything with you

This will be my last post of a series of bands from the 2000's. this band from new york city formed around 2007 are an up and coming indiepop tweepop dreampop janglepop whatever pops you can think of (and i know there will be hilarious comments waiting to be said). they are made up of 4 very talented musicians and they deliver what selected few who are into the aforementioned genre a blissful,easy to the ears,worryfree burst of melody. so take time, and get yourself a bottle of beer and jive to the groove of tweeness right on the floor. this especially goes out to my mates cino and nb who will have the pains of being pure at the bunghole after im through with them...hahaha like that huh!!

eveything with you

Monday, November 1, 2010


WOW one year went by quick...today last year was when i posted my very first item which was seona dancing, since then i had the pleasure of sharing a lot of my records and cd's with you and let me say the comments i got were very nice and to the utmost funny as hell...thanks to my regular commentaries NB CINO TK and SPACEKID. well here's to another great year and i promise to bring more rare and not so rare stuff for your listening and viewing pleasure. THANKS to everyone who supported this blog i really appreciate your visits.

Friday, October 29, 2010

THE MARY ONETTES-once i was pretty

Continuing my post for bands of the 2000's, I wish to share with you this fantastic lads from sweden called the mary onettes. Formed around 2005 they have this spectacular eerie sound that we all know to well. they do sound a lot like echo and the bunnymen or maybe yet, the church take your pick or maybe some other band you know, anyway its worth mentioning them here because i have never heard this kind of sound for a while now and being this cut "once i was pretty" was released on their 2nd album ISLANDS on march of 2010, its a real delight that we still have bands like this interested in bringing back the days. i dedicate this to my bike friends who are probably cruising somewhere down wilshire blvd as we speak, sorry boys can't make it this time for i have the sniffles but for sure i will join you next time. anyways bloggers, consider this as a pre halloween treat and definitely no tricks!!

once i was pretty

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I never really posted any bands here from the 2000's, however, this band i have for you is not your typical band that plays "the" typical music of today...but instead their sound was from an era when britain was once christened COOL BRITANIA. yep i'm talking about 1989 to 1998 the brit pop years. its hard to find music that still plays this golden genre, where now it is uncool to listen to...so they say. i have to plug this band because they remind me of the good ole' days with my pals when music really mattered.well in case you're wondering, the ruling class was started in sweden, yes from ABBA land, by tomas kubowicz around 2005 but failed to find like minded musicians, so he relocated to london where he found a few lads that still hunger for this kind of energy. this single from shelflife came out in 2008 and i mean it really blows my mind to hear madchester all over again. they have a few songs out that critics say..and i agree, sound like the stone roses resurrected. im sure we will hear from them in the US soon and when they do i will have my tickets in hand. this goes out to my britpop friends cino nb spacekid TK and dj pusa...hehehe...


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

THE MOFFS-the traveller

The Moffs surfaced from sydney sometime in '84 and signed with citadel records to release their first single another day in the sun. their music which can be described as late 60's acid haze, is an acquired taste that one can only appreciate. with that being said, a few sentimental fans possess this unique ear for talent and so the band never stood mainstream success. aside from releasing just a few materials they played mostly in pubs with a handful of listeners. this single has indeed the 60's garage rock influence, i say this because of the keyboards, and of course it also has the 80's indie, new wave, what have you, feel to it as well. i personally fancy it and would impart this to all of us travelling back to our homeland this feb. hope you like it.

the traveller

Friday, October 15, 2010

WHITE TOWN-all she said

White town is the brainchild of jyoti mishra the bands only member, and collaborates with other musicians (e.g. primal scream) to complete his albums. he is well known for his one and only hit to date, your woman, back in 1997 and was a club favorite. his earlier recordings including the one's featured here are somewhat a far cry from his chart topper. this single brings about an air of c86 and shoegazzing riffs factored in. catherine and all she said respectively contasts his recent works including the above mentioned one hit wonder. this reminds me...i've dated a girl named catherine once back in PCC and she wasn't as good as this song...sorry!


all she said

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

EXIT 13 perfect dream EP

Welcome back, its another month where NBA fever is in the air, we have just witnessed miami heats ability to destroy 2 premier league teams and that is without its team captain dwayne wade.hhmmmm i feel like the "hundred dollars" is inching ever so closely when they meet the undefeated champs next june...hehehe is that right kalembang hmmm!!! Ok enough of that, lets talk music, well my friend cino has been nagging me (dat ryt cino!) to put this up and so i relent...this superb psychedelic pop trio i believe is from suffolk and released this EP back in '88 under backwater label. they also released a full LP called celia's last wednesday which contains none of the tracks featured here, but equally good tunes as well. i personally like the track fields of joy and goes out to TK99 who is missing in action...where art thou compadre?

perfect dream

fields of joy

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SINGLE FILE- out in the traffic

I had this single for a while where it came along with a bunch of sarah record singles i got from mod lang record store ages ago. i thought this record was a bit obscure compared to the sarah singles i acquired with it, being that, it lacks a certain character that makes it c86 quality...maybe jangly guitars or something i don't know, but they are labeled c86 according to a lot of sites that features it. anyway, they are comprised by three musicians and was produced in 1986 under main line records. kinda quirky with a catchy horn riff. well i would blast the volume on this one when you are actually out in traffic to get you more frustrated...hehehe

i want it now!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

INDIECOL series 1

Here is an answer to cina pacina's scavenger hunt, to which i may say has quite an exceptional selection of pickings and that is why i gave 3 thumbs up plus some hehehe, you can visit his blogsite here: http://cino-pacino.blogspot.com/2010/08/scavenger-hunt-1st-edition.html
since we are in the mood for compilations, i also took the time in putting together samples from my cd and vinyl collection and some from mp3's...might not be as exceptional as cino's but a bit eccentric for some of you. here you will find a mixture of c86 jangly stuff with some new wave and baggy manchester bits thrown in for the likes. these are just samples and if you like what you heard you can purchase them at selected online downloading sites...its easier and cheaper!

THE SUMMER SUNS-waiting for my love

THE MIRACLE MILE-breaking down the barriers


EASTER MONDAY-independence day

SPEARMINT-scottish pop

ABSTRACT GREENS-she turns to flowers

THE SILENT REACH-melancholy love

FRIENDS-let's get away from it all

DRESSY BESSY-if you should try to kiss her

Friday, August 20, 2010

MARY GOES ROUND-the promised land

Mary goes round is a french new wave band that was formed in the late 80's to early 90's. they had several albums and a few singles. This cut here was from the album sunset and was never released as a single. i would like to share this to you especially to my best man and good friend NB who celebrated his B-day this past week, may you have more celebrations to come. hey play this while eating your left over cake hehehehe!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

IN HILL HOUSE-sanctuary

Sometimes you'd be surprised to pick things up at the most unexpected places. this past week i was in las vegas and me the misses and in laws were at this antique shop, or so as it appears to be, in henderson, an outskirt in nevada, when i went to check out some old books and saw a couple of records on a shelf not a lot but to keep my curiosity running, and to my surprise i saw this single, i was shocked and kinda dumbfounded that i would find it in a place like this. anyway a little while back i heard about this band at an internet radio station (not live 365) at work and kept note of it on my iphone...like i always do when i hear something new. i remember instantly liking it, because it reminded me of new wave neverheard stuff that xb102 would play once or twice in its station history. about the band i have no idea where they came from and how they materialized...what i do know is they released one single and this is it. so, cino i hope you listen to this while slow frying that little pieces pork i always liked and NB while doing your 10 minute track stand and TK while picking up the kids in school...hope you guys like it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I-LANDS-velvet glove

Another obscure band that i don't know much about, except that they come from liverpool from a collection of other bands from that area. i also found out that they were somehow connected or once associated with jeremy kelly (wild swans, lotus eaters, psychamesh). this medium is from 1984 under little prince records. i selected this song because the A side cut, "in the rain" sounds a bit too obscure...this one however is a little more pleasant, i would recommend playing this while chatting at the IRC room picking up girls that already went out with bernard nyee...you know who you are!!!

i want it now!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MERCENARY SKANK-no more dancing 12"

This record here is a bit different from my usual posts mainly because of the genre they are most commonly known for ...which is punk rock. don't get me wrong, i like punk rock, i like all kinds of music, especially if the origin is from an anglo-saxon group and cockney twanged hehehe...hey you can hate me for liking the british but they really write and play fooking good music. this here is an example of that, created sometime in '84 and signed with criminal damage, from what i read they shared the same manager with the stone roses (the best band that ever graced my ears and everybody's), and the stoners actually toured with them back in 1984, who would have guessed huh? anyway the cut from this 12" is best described as melodic punk, kinda reminds me of pinoy new wave/punk bands in the 80's and when i listen to this i hear a hint of white china, clash and the cult. so please...do listen intently while lacing up your creepers, who knows your dad may end up wearing 'em.

i want it now!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Rooart records presents this 3 piece outfit from sydney, au. they released a number of albums and toured all over the world since their inception (ca. 1984) and were still active 'til about 2001
this is actually a follow up to cino's last post. i would suggest playing this tune while doing the laundry....kalenso's laundry that is!!! don't forget to use heavy industrial detergent mate...for that hard to remove yellowish/brown skid mark off....hehehe

Sunday, July 18, 2010

THE NIVENS-shake it from the top

Reaching out from Norfolk UK, and with roots stemming from '85, this cut from danceteria records circa 1988-89 was from the album shake. i can't quite categorize them as indie rock all together because of the influenced "groovy sensibilites" of the 60's mixed in there (as for most of their songs anyway). i like this one, reason being that it is mild and harmoniuos, easy for listening on the way to a friends house....say to play ping pong or somethin'.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

9 WAYS TO SUNDAY-midnight train

This U.S. band released their only cd back in 1990, with lack of promotion and radio play, they never got the break they can almost certainly share with the likes of ocean blue. similarly likened to the latter, their music displays heavy ladened guitars and synth, influenced by '80's english pop and jangly bands. my friend michael sutton gave a review of the band and their music in this link: http://www.answers.com/topic/9-ways-to-sunday i posted the song midnight train to give you an example of their playing style and to kinda honor american bands that can throw at you the music that we most greatly appreciate.

i want it now

Friday, June 25, 2010


THE MOCKERS-one black friday

This band originated from new zealand and was popular both in UK and australia. they released several albums and singles as well, including this one from 1985. i swear when you listen to this you think you are listening to a soundtrack of ELECTRIC DREAMS...you know that computer movie from the '80's...hehehe anyway great sound and kinda catchy...enjoy!!

i want it now

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A DAY IN PARIS- just the same

hey 'yall...i'm back again...was a little busy taking care of bees knees. just a piece of advice if you ever deal with the franchising board in the philippines make sure you have a bottle of tylenol to get over the headaches...man! i guess corruption is still the main order of business down there, unless you know someone from the inside... anyway much to my distress i had put this on the back burner for now 'til the next "order of business" comes...OK enough of that, i have here a piece of gem that only in the obscure world of collectors consider this another hard to find. sometime in oct. last year i actually had the opportunity to come across and bid at this record and only to get outbidded (last bid was around $140). Canadian ensemble from 1986, with their only release under imperial records...nice tune, not too heavy on the guitars and synth...perfect to listen to like when you're cutting your toe nails or something...hope you like it!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


KIDS IN THE KITCHEN- change in mood

This band from down under came to life in the early 80's and released their debut single change in mood from white label records. some of you might have heard of the band, i myself have but never really picked-up any materials from them until 2 years ago at poo-bah record store in padasena. i like this song because of the way they arranged it...the mood starts slow then changes really fast hence the title song. they remind me a little bit of ultravox very new wave in my opinion. well, this goes out to my friend TK99 and get that blog site back to life aight!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


This month i will be featuring '80's obscure bands (or in the pinoy new waver's sense of the word "neverheard") from time to time. i picked a couple of tracks from bands that don't stray far from the new wave genre and that's because most of you who visit my blog are die hard listeners of this type. so, i will begin with this obscure album...the band name alone says it...from 1984, i sincerely thought this band came from the UK because they sound so similar to blue zoo but instead is just right here on our backyard, orange county somewhere...the title of the song is called uranium, i guess it befits the current air of anxiety at that time when people were into nuclear, coldwar, soviet kinda related paranoia. so anyways, i hope you enjoy this, some may not fancy it but...to each his own.

i want it now

Thursday, April 29, 2010

THE HOLLOW MEN-white train

Here's another 12" single from hollow men released in 1988 under arista records pre-madchester/acidhouse era. this cut was in the album "the man who would be king". i like this song because its got a little new wave, c86 jangly rhythm to it. this goes out to my fellow blogger DR. STIRRINGRHOD who we both share the same admiration towards the band, you can also find an extensive history of the band in his site http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/2010/01/hollow-men.html

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

THE HOLLOW MEN- november comes (extended)

(tugtugpakpatupatugpak part2) like a sudden burst of rocknrolla energy from your speakers...i can attest, if you're ever in ecstacy or crystal meth this would be the track for it, i mean man!! you'd be all over the place. Another uderrated band from leeds they've been around since 1985 and took little notice by listeners and music critics. This remix version compared to the original is best included to your list because of the excellent wah wah guitars and drum beats. Do take time to listen...its worth the lost cause!!

i want it now

Thursday, April 15, 2010

SPACE MONKEYS-let it shine

(tugtugpak-tupatupatugpak) as noisey would describe any band with a madchester sytle of play...this band should be worth mentioning when it comes to madchester pop related subjects. Hailing from my favorite place in england, the great city of manchester, this band released their '97 factory records album the daddy of them all to an almost fading baggy/acidhouse scenery. upon listening to their music you could almost hear a Liamesque twang on the vocals during his definitely maybe days coupled with the heavy drum beats of 'ol classic madchester, makes me reminisce of the times with my dj buddys when it comes to closing out every gig...that was the only time that we actually let ourselves shine!!

i want it now

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

THE DANDYS-i wanna be like you

Ok im back to britpop mode again...i will be posting a couple tracks this month so keep bloggin in.

So here are the dandys, a 5 piece act from leeds with this infectious little tune from their one and only album release symphonic screams back in '98. Eventhough this band didn't make it far enough to be recognized,in my opinion they still can be considered as part of the britpop collective of the '93 to '99 era. The horn and harmonica blend in this track really sets it apart from the others at the time and the vocalist reminds me of suede. anyway this song is dedicated to my britpop mates cino, noisey and spacekid...coz they wanna be like me...i know i know just kidding!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


RATIONAL YOUTH-holiday in bangkok

This canadian new wave band released this track back in 1985 and was a minor hit in the philippines. It was played at local dance clubs back then and still could be played with todays music trend, i think. Don't be mistaken when it gets to the part where the chorus goes.....you will definitely be shaking your head and going "oh yeah i heard this one before" so anyway dust those old pair of sperry topsiders you have in your closet and sport that wayfarer shades you still have laying around somewhere and head on down to RUMORS...which ofcourse might be a call center facility now of somekind hehehe Just dance in your room!

i want it now

Friday, April 9, 2010

PRIMARY COLOURS-paint love blue (extended mix)

Minimal synth venture from '85, this US band from Ohio sadly had only one record to their name an EP from after hours label, with this haunting song. I particularly fancy this mix because the vocals reminds me a little bit of koo de tah and all about eve and the breaking beats at the middle of the song makes you wanna slap another record to the table and start mixing...know what i mean dj noisey yeeee. thanks to my brother's recollection i would have never discovered this, oh and by the way, if you ever come across one get it, from what i gathered, this record is in the $100 and up kinda rarity.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


CULTURE CLUB- move away

yup mainstream here we come...totaly 80's band with this song the least played i think, however it got much air play in manila especially on that's entertainment and eat bulaga dance openers...hehehe i can still remember!!! anyway hope this jogs your memory of way back when, when times were simple and sooo laid back. cheers 80's!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"NEVER HEARD" flashbacks

this track here is very memorable to me. it started back in 2nd year high school (c1986), a friend of mine named raymond lend me his cassette tape of new wave songs which at that time had a few fra lippo lippi songs in it and as far as i know has not been air played at that time...he said listen to "fra lippo lippi", as i kinda laughed at the bands name, anyway i liked it, however this particular song i posted caught my attention because it was sooo new wave that to my surprise, my friend didn't know the titlesong and the band that played it. i know i heard it once before in xb 102 and waited 'til they mention it at the end but they never did, i returned the tape back without even making a copy of it, after years had passed (approx. 23 years) i never heard the song again , i even asked my friends levan and larry about the song but all they can say was that it sounded familiar but had no clue who and what the song was. one day during work i was listening at an internet new wave station (non filipino) and they played the song, i listened to it intently then made a few searches after which i found out finally who they were. i honestly thought i will die never hearing this song again but the new wave gods were kind enough to give me one more chance...hehehe, so here it is make a guess and let me know, i tell you now, it will make your head tilt...

Friday, January 22, 2010

NEW ORDER- bizzare love triangle (richard X mix)

i was sifting thru my records and found this compilation with the track from new order. seldom do i see blogs mentioning them so i just thought maybe i should put one up for the heck of it. i like this remix from richard x a british songwriter and record producer. it is a simple club mix which to me seems perfect in that sense, i've heard other mixes before but this one's really the best. anyway i know most of you have the original track stuffed somewhere, but if you dont have a copy of this please add it.

i want it now!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

THE CARETAKER RACE- i wish i'd said that

this band from london bore greatness in 1986 and is a melting pot of ex indiepop musicians from different bands that you might have heard of. released on foundation records in 1989, "i wish i'd said that" is a quirky little number. so take it from me, do snap to the beat, it's a snaz!

i want it now!