Friday, October 29, 2010

THE MARY ONETTES-once i was pretty

Continuing my post for bands of the 2000's, I wish to share with you this fantastic lads from sweden called the mary onettes. Formed around 2005 they have this spectacular eerie sound that we all know to well. they do sound a lot like echo and the bunnymen or maybe yet, the church take your pick or maybe some other band you know, anyway its worth mentioning them here because i have never heard this kind of sound for a while now and being this cut "once i was pretty" was released on their 2nd album ISLANDS on march of 2010, its a real delight that we still have bands like this interested in bringing back the days. i dedicate this to my bike friends who are probably cruising somewhere down wilshire blvd as we speak, sorry boys can't make it this time for i have the sniffles but for sure i will join you next time. anyways bloggers, consider this as a pre halloween treat and definitely no tricks!!

once i was pretty

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I never really posted any bands here from the 2000's, however, this band i have for you is not your typical band that plays "the" typical music of today...but instead their sound was from an era when britain was once christened COOL BRITANIA. yep i'm talking about 1989 to 1998 the brit pop years. its hard to find music that still plays this golden genre, where now it is uncool to listen they say. i have to plug this band because they remind me of the good ole' days with my pals when music really mattered.well in case you're wondering, the ruling class was started in sweden, yes from ABBA land, by tomas kubowicz around 2005 but failed to find like minded musicians, so he relocated to london where he found a few lads that still hunger for this kind of energy. this single from shelflife came out in 2008 and i mean it really blows my mind to hear madchester all over again. they have a few songs out that critics say..and i agree, sound like the stone roses resurrected. im sure we will hear from them in the US soon and when they do i will have my tickets in hand. this goes out to my britpop friends cino nb spacekid TK and dj pusa...hehehe...


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

THE MOFFS-the traveller

The Moffs surfaced from sydney sometime in '84 and signed with citadel records to release their first single another day in the sun. their music which can be described as late 60's acid haze, is an acquired taste that one can only appreciate. with that being said, a few sentimental fans possess this unique ear for talent and so the band never stood mainstream success. aside from releasing just a few materials they played mostly in pubs with a handful of listeners. this single has indeed the 60's garage rock influence, i say this because of the keyboards, and of course it also has the 80's indie, new wave, what have you, feel to it as well. i personally fancy it and would impart this to all of us travelling back to our homeland this feb. hope you like it.

the traveller

Friday, October 15, 2010

WHITE TOWN-all she said

White town is the brainchild of jyoti mishra the bands only member, and collaborates with other musicians (e.g. primal scream) to complete his albums. he is well known for his one and only hit to date, your woman, back in 1997 and was a club favorite. his earlier recordings including the one's featured here are somewhat a far cry from his chart topper. this single brings about an air of c86 and shoegazzing riffs factored in. catherine and all she said respectively contasts his recent works including the above mentioned one hit wonder. this reminds me...i've dated a girl named catherine once back in PCC and she wasn't as good as this song...sorry!


all she said

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

EXIT 13 perfect dream EP

Welcome back, its another month where NBA fever is in the air, we have just witnessed miami heats ability to destroy 2 premier league teams and that is without its team captain dwayne wade.hhmmmm i feel like the "hundred dollars" is inching ever so closely when they meet the undefeated champs next june...hehehe is that right kalembang hmmm!!! Ok enough of that, lets talk music, well my friend cino has been nagging me (dat ryt cino!) to put this up and so i relent...this superb psychedelic pop trio i believe is from suffolk and released this EP back in '88 under backwater label. they also released a full LP called celia's last wednesday which contains none of the tracks featured here, but equally good tunes as well. i personally like the track fields of joy and goes out to TK99 who is missing in action...where art thou compadre?

perfect dream

fields of joy