Thursday, January 28, 2010

"NEVER HEARD" flashbacks

this track here is very memorable to me. it started back in 2nd year high school (c1986), a friend of mine named raymond lend me his cassette tape of new wave songs which at that time had a few fra lippo lippi songs in it and as far as i know has not been air played at that time...he said listen to "fra lippo lippi", as i kinda laughed at the bands name, anyway i liked it, however this particular song i posted caught my attention because it was sooo new wave that to my surprise, my friend didn't know the titlesong and the band that played it. i know i heard it once before in xb 102 and waited 'til they mention it at the end but they never did, i returned the tape back without even making a copy of it, after years had passed (approx. 23 years) i never heard the song again , i even asked my friends levan and larry about the song but all they can say was that it sounded familiar but had no clue who and what the song was. one day during work i was listening at an internet new wave station (non filipino) and they played the song, i listened to it intently then made a few searches after which i found out finally who they were. i honestly thought i will die never hearing this song again but the new wave gods were kind enough to give me one more chance...hehehe, so here it is make a guess and let me know, i tell you now, it will make your head tilt...

Friday, January 22, 2010

NEW ORDER- bizzare love triangle (richard X mix)

i was sifting thru my records and found this compilation with the track from new order. seldom do i see blogs mentioning them so i just thought maybe i should put one up for the heck of it. i like this remix from richard x a british songwriter and record producer. it is a simple club mix which to me seems perfect in that sense, i've heard other mixes before but this one's really the best. anyway i know most of you have the original track stuffed somewhere, but if you dont have a copy of this please add it.

i want it now!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

THE CARETAKER RACE- i wish i'd said that

this band from london bore greatness in 1986 and is a melting pot of ex indiepop musicians from different bands that you might have heard of. released on foundation records in 1989, "i wish i'd said that" is a quirky little number. so take it from me, do snap to the beat, it's a snaz!

i want it now!