Thursday, April 3, 2014


This post goes out to my buddy and bestman who has been silent in the blogsphere world for a while now...hmmmm hey djkalabit where u at hehehehe  ok so far I had a post titled MAX and now LAWRENCE... well guess who is next and yah knows who you are foo ...anyway released in 1986 under LC label which if im not mistaken is their own private pressing, and hailing from Norfolk UK(?) this 5 piece ensemble never repeated their once masterpiece composition which I may say also fetches a masterpiece like price at discogs that is if you don't wanna give up on getting your new iPhone 6 or a laptop, you will have to fork out an extra 500 smackerooos on top of your budget... whew. the A side cut "sleeper" is also good but I prefer the B side, much more fluid and hearfelt. Hope you enjoy it!