Wednesday, October 2, 2013

THE DEAD ADAIR- different 7"

Another of "the spirit of radio's" unidentified song from way back 2002 which was only pegged last year. This is quite unique because of the way the lead vocalist sounds...I thought at first they were definitely English but I was wrong. This band hails from Germany...yes that's right the land of the synth and goth bands but this one however is different from what was mainstream as far as genre is concerned. Called "the most famous unknown band of their country" according to their facebook page, they sound distinctively indie just like the other c86 bands out there. The vocal reminds me of a certain front man named Maxine who fell of his bike and broke his finger uhhmmm you there? Anyway formed in 1988 this EP single is from 1990 and the artwork says it all no explanation needed.