Saturday, November 13, 2010

EVERGREEN-house of magic cards

Here's to another year for my buddy cino pacino alias JAAP hehehe...adding another wrinkle to your betlers i see uuhmmm... well consider this a treat, i almost forgot to post this good thing i remembered and what a perfect time to post on a special occasion. brief description; evergreen is a band from france formed in 1994 and signed with nessie records, very indie and very dreampoppy(ish), that is it , no info at all out there so, can't expand further. well its time to strut down lahey united and hangout with the lads for some pacman and ping pong action.

house of magic cards

Monday, November 8, 2010

THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART-everything with you

This will be my last post of a series of bands from the 2000's. this band from new york city formed around 2007 are an up and coming indiepop tweepop dreampop janglepop whatever pops you can think of (and i know there will be hilarious comments waiting to be said). they are made up of 4 very talented musicians and they deliver what selected few who are into the aforementioned genre a blissful,easy to the ears,worryfree burst of melody. so take time, and get yourself a bottle of beer and jive to the groove of tweeness right on the floor. this especially goes out to my mates cino and nb who will have the pains of being pure at the bunghole after im through with them...hahaha like that huh!!

eveything with you

Monday, November 1, 2010


WOW one year went by last year was when i posted my very first item which was seona dancing, since then i had the pleasure of sharing a lot of my records and cd's with you and let me say the comments i got were very nice and to the utmost funny as hell...thanks to my regular commentaries NB CINO TK and SPACEKID. well here's to another great year and i promise to bring more rare and not so rare stuff for your listening and viewing pleasure. THANKS to everyone who supported this blog i really appreciate your visits.