Thursday, March 24, 2011

GIGOLO AUNTS-bloom/serious drugs/ask

Here we have a yankee power pop band from where else new york. Formed in the early 80's and very much influential with up and comers from that era, i wish i could go in detail about them but i am too lazy to type, so pardon me...well you can still read about them at the wiki and it further discusses their whole coolness in detail. anyway this is one of the few american bands i admire like ocean blue and sonic youth among others. i like their sound because it is comparable to the teenage fanclub although minus the cockney. i also included their rendition of the ever famous tracks of the smiths and bmx bandits...hope it wakes you up!!


serious drugs


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

KID SINISTER- the cradle born

This band from bristol formed in the mid '80's surrounded by singer/songwriter john douglass. the band played around the UK and could have been a pop sensation, however they signed up with the independent label sons of arts records, to release their first ever single sugar rae. unfortunately this was never followed by another and so the band sought to call it quits in 1990. sugar rae has become a cult classic and favored heavily by japanese and german collectors, evidenced by sums reaching over 50 pounds on ebay at times. to describe their music simply, just picture tony hadley of the outfit spandau ballet, in my opinoin they sound so similar and if you've heard this band for the first time you would think it is spandau. anyway nice cut somewhat jazzy(ish) fits the relaxed mood of the 80's i think. so to all my friends who wants to "rock the cradle" so to careful!!! you might just get arrested..hehehe you know who you are.

the cradle born

Friday, February 25, 2011

THE SERVANTS-the sun a small star 12" EP

An indie band formed in 1985, these middlesex quartet recorded this EP under head records with frontman david westlake. a big fan by stuart, vocalist of belle and sebastian, the servants was well received by the press that NME decided to include them in their C86 compilation. Later in 1987 the group has seen a change in their line-up with the addition of luke haines and hugh whitaker (drummer for the housemartins) and signed with creation records to release a couple of good tracks. this cut reminds me more of the 60's sound due to the acoustic reverb guitar solos and to hear the violin in the background truly makes it one of the finest pieces i've ever heard.

the sun a small star

Saturday, February 19, 2011

START-where i want to be

Start is a little known band from Lawrence, Kansas. Formed back in 1983 it is comprised of Jay Francis, Ric Lind and Shawn Kelly. Signed under clearsongs, this album has a lot of good stuff in it especially one track written and performed by allen ginsberg the famous poet and recipient of the pulitzer prize. where i want to be is a sound unbeknownst to many during the time, when this kind of indie sound later came about. little info out there about them, so this is all i can disclose. however do enjoy the track, hope it STARTs out to be a pleasant one.

where i want to be