Sunday, April 29, 2012

ZERO LE CRECHE- last years wife 12"

cheers blogowers i'm kinda back in the scene again after a long but sweet absence...just had me a baby boy and this kid's a handful albiet fun to have...anyway i posted this here twelver because me good friend cino and i were talking bout records and i haven't seen this bloke for bout 4 months until our friend had a baby here we are getting in touch of whats out there and what not, and i mentioned to him bout this band but could not remember their name, all i know is they have a weird name for a band..hehehe but anyway a little info about them..they came from london and formed in 1984, they are goth and they also released a few singles however this one is considered a goth classic and the 12" is hard to find...its expensive to if you happen to see one on there you go. they sound a little like the psychedelic furs, and this here song is catchy....more new wave than goth i think...hope you like it.