Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MAX- little ghost

well this post is for djspacekid who is currently enjoying a long vacay with sun sand and Johnnie ( save some for me and bongski beat hehehe) and ofcourse with his lovely sexy girlfriend...I think? not sure coz he's never mentioned her to us folks back here...but anyway about this record, this was played in the airwaves in manila back in 87-88 and when I first heard it I thought it was a funny little song...appropriate for halloween parties I guess. So here it is ...the little ghost or as my friend cino would call his friend down south hehehehe peace brotha!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014


Sounds like flower power to me, these somewhat son's of the 60's if first heard were actually from the 90's and released this single from Vlaw records back in 1991. Indie pop gem I can assure you however never really made it through the mainstream baggy madchester acid house shoegaze blah blah blah scene, but nevertheless nice guitar hooks. there are 3 tracks to this but only the main track is what I included here. if I can also mention they may have released a track on a single along side MARCH TO THE GRAVE but this is just speculation unless someone can add some info on this.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

THIS FINAL FRAME-my blue heart

Released in 2009 under crashing records, this full length CD comprises of 10 heavenly haunting songs that are well arranged just like what they should sound like way back in 1985. Particularly popular in east asia most especially the Philippines, fans requested that they reform and record brand new songs and hence this CD. I chose the title song of the album because it really resonates what the new wave sound  is like as I remember them, although most of the songs here do,  this one though, really gravitated to me as if they knew what Filipino new wavers taste in sounds really cuts right to the core, ala Care dreamy in a way with lots of guitars and harp synth stuff.