Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MAX- little ghost

well this post is for djspacekid who is currently enjoying a long vacay with sun sand and Johnnie ( save some for me and bongski beat hehehe) and ofcourse with his lovely sexy girlfriend...I think? not sure coz he's never mentioned her to us folks back here...but anyway about this record, this was played in the airwaves in manila back in 87-88 and when I first heard it I thought it was a funny little song...appropriate for halloween parties I guess. So here it is ...the little ghost or as my friend cino would call his friend down south hehehehe peace brotha!!!


new wave crossover said...

okidok to ha' kelan ba gimikan pre' para baba ako dyan sa inyo.

randybazooka said...

thanks gothboi ...baka meron sa bday yata ni zen sa april pero di ko pa alam kelan

cino_pacino said...

yo i got me a huge candle you can blow for yer bday mate!!!