Thursday, May 6, 2010


KIDS IN THE KITCHEN- change in mood

This band from down under came to life in the early 80's and released their debut single change in mood from white label records. some of you might have heard of the band, i myself have but never really picked-up any materials from them until 2 years ago at poo-bah record store in padasena. i like this song because of the way they arranged it...the mood starts slow then changes really fast hence the title song. they remind me a little bit of ultravox very new wave in my opinion. well, this goes out to my friend TK99 and get that blog site back to life aight!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


This month i will be featuring '80's obscure bands (or in the pinoy new waver's sense of the word "neverheard") from time to time. i picked a couple of tracks from bands that don't stray far from the new wave genre and that's because most of you who visit my blog are die hard listeners of this type. so, i will begin with this obscure album...the band name alone says it...from 1984, i sincerely thought this band came from the UK because they sound so similar to blue zoo but instead is just right here on our backyard, orange county somewhere...the title of the song is called uranium, i guess it befits the current air of anxiety at that time when people were into nuclear, coldwar, soviet kinda related paranoia. so anyways, i hope you enjoy this, some may not fancy it each his own.

i want it now