Saturday, August 21, 2010

INDIECOL series 1

Here is an answer to cina pacina's scavenger hunt, to which i may say has quite an exceptional selection of pickings and that is why i gave 3 thumbs up plus some hehehe, you can visit his blogsite here:
since we are in the mood for compilations, i also took the time in putting together samples from my cd and vinyl collection and some from mp3's...might not be as exceptional as cino's but a bit eccentric for some of you. here you will find a mixture of c86 jangly stuff with some new wave and baggy manchester bits thrown in for the likes. these are just samples and if you like what you heard you can purchase them at selected online downloading sites...its easier and cheaper!

THE SUMMER SUNS-waiting for my love

THE MIRACLE MILE-breaking down the barriers


EASTER MONDAY-independence day

SPEARMINT-scottish pop

ABSTRACT GREENS-she turns to flowers

THE SILENT REACH-melancholy love

FRIENDS-let's get away from it all

DRESSY BESSY-if you should try to kiss her

Friday, August 20, 2010

MARY GOES ROUND-the promised land

Mary goes round is a french new wave band that was formed in the late 80's to early 90's. they had several albums and a few singles. This cut here was from the album sunset and was never released as a single. i would like to share this to you especially to my best man and good friend NB who celebrated his B-day this past week, may you have more celebrations to come. hey play this while eating your left over cake hehehehe!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

IN HILL HOUSE-sanctuary

Sometimes you'd be surprised to pick things up at the most unexpected places. this past week i was in las vegas and me the misses and in laws were at this antique shop, or so as it appears to be, in henderson, an outskirt in nevada, when i went to check out some old books and saw a couple of records on a shelf not a lot but to keep my curiosity running, and to my surprise i saw this single, i was shocked and kinda dumbfounded that i would find it in a place like this. anyway a little while back i heard about this band at an internet radio station (not live 365) at work and kept note of it on my i always do when i hear something new. i remember instantly liking it, because it reminded me of new wave neverheard stuff that xb102 would play once or twice in its station history. about the band i have no idea where they came from and how they materialized...what i do know is they released one single and this is it. so, cino i hope you listen to this while slow frying that little pieces pork i always liked and NB while doing your 10 minute track stand and TK while picking up the kids in school...hope you guys like it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I-LANDS-velvet glove

Another obscure band that i don't know much about, except that they come from liverpool from a collection of other bands from that area. i also found out that they were somehow connected or once associated with jeremy kelly (wild swans, lotus eaters, psychamesh). this medium is from 1984 under little prince records. i selected this song because the A side cut, "in the rain" sounds a bit too obscure...this one however is a little more pleasant, i would recommend playing this while chatting at the IRC room picking up girls that already went out with bernard know who you are!!!

i want it now!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MERCENARY SKANK-no more dancing 12"

This record here is a bit different from my usual posts mainly because of the genre they are most commonly known for ...which is punk rock. don't get me wrong, i like punk rock, i like all kinds of music, especially if the origin is from an anglo-saxon group and cockney twanged hehehe...hey you can hate me for liking the british but they really write and play fooking good music. this here is an example of that, created sometime in '84 and signed with criminal damage, from what i read they shared the same manager with the stone roses (the best band that ever graced my ears and everybody's), and the stoners actually toured with them back in 1984, who would have guessed huh? anyway the cut from this 12" is best described as melodic punk, kinda reminds me of pinoy new wave/punk bands in the 80's and when i listen to this i hear a hint of white china, clash and the cult. so listen intently while lacing up your creepers, who knows your dad may end up wearing 'em.

i want it now!