Friday, November 20, 2009


This is the ultimate raritat in indie pop music...the holy grail if you will, hehehe...just listen to this, it sounds like jimmy jimmy...i know, i know dj flood it takes you back to the luneta days when you're on a date with your longkatuts..uhhhhmmm! but seriously i just want a change in atmosphere to pay tribute to one of our 'em up boyzz !

i want it now!

ANDY PAWLAK-mermaids 12"

Ok now lets relax for a moment and listen to andy pawlak's mermaids, this free flowing sound reminiscent of classic blow monkeys and roddy frame (aztec camera), has a jazzy funk guitar feed at the beggining and the occasional piano/saxophone combination that comes on with perfect timing, really brings me back to the days of Tia Maria in greenhills with a zombie drink listening to something like this in the background, man! those were the days.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

BLAB HAPPY-perish the thought

later releases from the 4 lads of leicester, especially during the late 80's to early 90's sounded a bit more acid house, i mean who can blame them, they were just going along with the fad at that time, and ofcourse i have nothing against acid house i absolutely love it, however this first rare ep they released back in '85 sounds different a lot more c86 jangly pop, but in the word coined by my good friend cino "rushed", so "perish the thought" is a best example of indie pop rushed, just like suede crocodiles "stop the rain" although this ones more pleasing to the least for me....hehehe i can see cino doing the two step at a thousand miles an hour...LOL

i want it now!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

THE SHINING HOUR-before you know it

mark cohen is the only artist for the shining hour, based on his bio, he has been writing songs since the mid 80's and only in 1998 released a 7" single called-five o'clock rise- which was under apricot records in germany. this cd album contains 15 songs, which are mostly melodramatic is also under apricot records and is recommended for those who like indie music in this softer more romantic side of it. the song "before you know it" is my favorite one and is dedicated to manny pacquiao, listen to the first verse that goes "hold on to love, before you know it, it will be gone" know what i mean manny uuhhmmm...anyway i hope you listeners like it...its not much but i think this band deserves to be blogged.

i want it now!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


this is one of my absolute favorites, i mean the melody, the singers mesmerizing vocals and the lyrics, which i am truly astounded by any means, these indiepopers , c86'ers no matter what band, can really write songs creatively like this one for example, talks about daydreaming about trains and locomotives and thus takes the singers subject to a pretend world and not realizing it. too bad north of cornwallis never made any singles but just tracks that end up in compilation albums, most notably the sound of leamington spa, for whatever reason maybe, this band is a lost gem that should have sparkled. anyway, strap your ears to this one, "it will take you afloat" just like what dj gothrock would always say.

Oh and btw i was gonna post this later in december but since it is dj cino aka sebo de macho's birthday tomorrow, i am dedicating this, a little b-day present...and to the rest of you djs see yah at the party tomorrow!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PUSH KINGS-number ones

who needs an uplift??? this jangly tune from boston's unheard indie group, is like a refreshing drink that quenches your thirst, to your ears that is, so don't be discouraged because they are local, they actually sound a little cockney...from the mid 90's when all were just getting a kick outta britpop or rehash punk and the likes, hope this one reminds you that all songs dont last number one in the radio but to our mp3s or ipods they will remain, like the song says "what you hear today you'll be singing tomorrow" they are push kings with number ones,enjoy!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

SOUTHVILLE-inside and out

this one goes out to cino, noisey and spacekid. at first i thought this was mushroom and maxine singing (out of tune ofcourse) but then i figured maybe this is what mushroom sounds like, if ever. from pillerbox red records 1993, don't know much about them sorry, however this track kinda encourages me to go jamming with the rest of you...yah knows who yah are!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

SNOWBLIND- easy girl

got this 12" a couple of months ago at a local record store called "pooh bah" and the song got stuck in my head for days. manchester based indiepop duo snowblind released this back in 2002 with this infectious little tune called easy girl. dont let this tune get stuck in your head or else...

HARRISON-(there is) no refrain

this is one of the singles that i've been looking for, that i kept from cino and noisey,  this 4 piece band which hailed from birmingham probably released their only single "no refrain" is a classic jangly pop/funk progression that is unmistakably catchy and categoricaly twee. in anycase, if ever any of you see this dont hisitate to get it and as for yours truly, next time i see this on ebay, i"m prepared. so here it is (there is) no refrain...enjoy!

PLAYING AT TRAINS-walk on water

i dont know much about this outfit from manchester except that they were around from 1985 on wards changing their name to cygnet ring in '90 or '91. they released one album under PAT titled "go'. they also have a 12" with the title song "a world without love" and a 7" that i will share with you courtesy of noel from northernportrait blog..thanks bro for the copy. here it is "walk on water"

Monday, November 2, 2009

THE JEREMIAHS-driving into the sun EP

how many japanese indie collectors have i encountered who has this in their want list? answer is most of them. this is a rare 12" ep that is a must have for any new wave and indie collectors alike, it is a c86 quintessential mark along with a catchy beat and tongue in cheek lyrics. hope this song brightens up your 2:55 minutes.


waving at trains is a band from liverpool formed in 1983. the band at the time had a different vocalist and recorded a couple of demo tapes along the way. however with a change of members including their main vocalist, they recorded a few tracks that can be found in album compilations mostly c86 type. this track i have for you is called "sylvie" it has a sort of guitar rock driven but melodic indie kinda rhythm to it...reminds me of early prefab sprout...anyway just grab a chair, put your hands behind your head and relax to the sound, hopefully by the time this song is over you are probably fast asleep :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

SEONA DANCING-more to lose (japanese press)

From an era where we woke up to the music of our lives, this is one for the ages, at least to most of us who where born c1960 to 1975. i can not elaborate more about this band as all of you know who they are, its the comic actor turned vocalist...just kidding. This is a japanese issue one of the rare pressings you can find, aside from the german label METRONOME and the philippine pressing DYNA recording (actually its on selling now for about $105). i dont need to upload the track because its already available at your nearest jukebox...yeah its that popular now!!