Monday, November 2, 2009


waving at trains is a band from liverpool formed in 1983. the band at the time had a different vocalist and recorded a couple of demo tapes along the way. however with a change of members including their main vocalist, they recorded a few tracks that can be found in album compilations mostly c86 type. this track i have for you is called "sylvie" it has a sort of guitar rock driven but melodic indie kinda rhythm to it...reminds me of early prefab sprout...anyway just grab a chair, put your hands behind your head and relax to the sound, hopefully by the time this song is over you are probably fast asleep :)


cino_pacino said...

oh yeaaah?? waving at trains huh?.. tsiguhh!

randybazooka said...

i hope you like it cino...just play it habang kumakalbit mix ka hahahha

cino_pacino said...

si nb lang yun!!