Wednesday, February 25, 2015


on the edge 12" (1992)
                                             sunriser 12" (1991)

That uncertain feeling were a band from Manchester England formed in the early 90's with Mark Lee who later formed Rain Band. These young lads were still in school when they signed with dead good records. Sounding a bit like revolver and new order with the song "sunriser" heavy laid guitars and distortions plus that amplified early 80's acoustic bass sound easily catches the mancunian groove trained ear and along with their other single "on the edge" a bit of early charlatans  sprinkled guitar reverb/flange effects and catchy bass hooks surely it's unmistakable who and where their influences comes from.

on the edge


Monday, February 9, 2015

POPPY FACTORY- stars 12"

Electronic house music from the band Poppy Factory. This Bradford England trio released a couple of singles and they are all fantastic A blend of electronic house acidfunk whatchamacallit ..released by chrysalis in 1991, groovy tunes to bob your head to while listening in traffic. Ofcourse this goes out to our new wyatt erp who is now seeing stars at the moment (figuratively speaking).....welcome to the world Charlee ahhhhhh!

Monday, January 26, 2015

THOMAS LEER- No 1 (extended version)

A native of Scotland, he was once a part of Claudia Brucken's band Act. This bloke has been making records since 1979 and has released a few albums and singles one of which is called "international" which I also recommend because of the down tempo 80's type rhythm. This 1985 arista 12" single in particular captures the 80's new romantic element in sound like the sax and orchestral arrangement...and knowing myself I'm always a sucker when it comes to sax and orchestra  in new wave music. Well this cut goes to my friend spacekid who was number 1 at my friend DJ-Po's mahjong/ufc fight night bbq hehehe...good luck mate and hoping for a successful delivery.