Wednesday, October 2, 2013

THE DEAD ADAIR- different 7"

Another of "the spirit of radio's" unidentified song from way back 2002 which was only pegged last year. This is quite unique because of the way the lead vocalist sounds...I thought at first they were definitely English but I was wrong. This band hails from Germany...yes that's right the land of the synth and goth bands but this one however is different from what was mainstream as far as genre is concerned. Called "the most famous unknown band of their country" according to their facebook page, they sound distinctively indie just like the other c86 bands out there. The vocal reminds me of a certain front man named Maxine who fell of his bike and broke his finger uhhmmm you there? Anyway formed in 1988 this EP single is from 1990 and the artwork says it all no explanation needed.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

JOHAN LINDELL- on the roof aka (stay a second time around)

I have been following this mystery song for more than two years now, I remember my wife pregnant at that time and she was helpless in bed so I had to take care of her the whole time until she gave birth...but anyway I remember one day being so bored out of my elbows I decided to surf the net and look for some new songs to listen to, most particularly new wave 80's songs, when I stumbled upon this website called the spirit of radio. This Canadian website I think was dedicated to CFNY radio's edge 102 and in this site has a forum wherein you can submit a song online that you wanted to help identify, this is where I found out about the band ESKIMOS AND EGYPT and this is where I came across this song posted sometime in either 2002 or 2003 by a certain Paul Miceli among other songs he wanted help identify. Well this particular one was originally posted in the site called DeDiniDevil by a certain Dan Coogan back in 2002, in which the song was recorded in a cassette tape back in 1986 or 85 im not sure... from a german radio station...but anyway he had only recorded the last minute of the song and sure enough could never find out who sang it until he posted it on the internet in 2002 to get more exposure you can say for sure that he has never known the existence of the artist until last week for almost 27 years ...amazing enough. For almost 11 years on the net it garnered heavy traffic amongst people curious of solving the mystery...even I was bitten by it. From time to time I would visit the site and to my understanding it has gotten so much attention that the clip was posted in you tube, new wave outpost, Reddit and one other site in a desperate move to solve it once and for all. Well anyway helped solved this mystery by submitting the clip of the song to a Swedish radio station and there by played it on air to their listeners and sure enough it was identified right away. Much hype was circling after the mystery song was solved and it has only been a week and so days. you tube has now more than 96K counted as soon as this song was posted and also a radio station in Minneapolis picked up the sordid story about it and was a topic on one of the segments they is the link if you are interested so anyway I decided to share this cut to whoever visits my blog and I am sad to say that its all over more mystery  hahaha to be honest I was hoping it would never get solved...but then poor Dan would die unhappy. In my upcoming post I also have another song that was identified only last year. This was also a mystery in the spirit of radio site since 2002 and some suggested that it is more rare than  "on the roof" .

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

THE FARMER'S BOYS-for you (big version)

Gone for over a year and a lot has transpired...I mean life changing things you never know could happen and in the weirdest ways possible but hey.."its all good" as they put it, I'm still here stuck with my ever galvanizing life and I cant complain. Anyway a lot can be discovered especially when you are rummaging to your old stuff...stuff that you don't even care to bother anymore and I'm talking bout my record collection ...funny thing is I haven't looked at them in ages and I am suppose to know what I own but surprisingly I totally forget what records I have...signs of aging, case in point, this twelver here, I mean this band is one of my faves and to think I don't even know what I have with this group hahaha suffice to say now I know I have at least four copies of singles from them including this one. Well anyways I just wanna throw this one out here decicated to YOU.