Friday, June 25, 2010


THE MOCKERS-one black friday

This band originated from new zealand and was popular both in UK and australia. they released several albums and singles as well, including this one from 1985. i swear when you listen to this you think you are listening to a soundtrack of ELECTRIC know that computer movie from the '80's...hehehe anyway great sound and kinda catchy...enjoy!!

i want it now

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A DAY IN PARIS- just the same

hey 'yall...i'm back again...was a little busy taking care of bees knees. just a piece of advice if you ever deal with the franchising board in the philippines make sure you have a bottle of tylenol to get over the! i guess corruption is still the main order of business down there, unless you know someone from the inside... anyway much to my distress i had put this on the back burner for now 'til the next "order of business" comes...OK enough of that, i have here a piece of gem that only in the obscure world of collectors consider this another hard to find. sometime in oct. last year i actually had the opportunity to come across and bid at this record and only to get outbidded (last bid was around $140). Canadian ensemble from 1986, with their only release under imperial records...nice tune, not too heavy on the guitars and synth...perfect to listen to like when you're cutting your toe nails or something...hope you like it!!!