Saturday, May 12, 2012

ESKIMOS & EGYPT-screams and whispers from THE COLD E.P. 7"

Lakesho again, but now its crunch time, and all you fanatics out there better scream as loud as you can whenever Bynum starts to dunk and block, metta hows that elbow of yours? good luck to the city of angels tonight! anyway lets shift our focus on the topic at hand which is eskimos and egypt. according to wiki they come from manchester england and released their first single EP in 1987 called the cold under the label aptly named manchester indie village records. There are 3 songs in this EP and the one i posted screams and whispers is the best one out of all three. the single is rare and expensive so be prepared to pay an extensive amount if you ever find one...discogs i believe has only one copy  for sale and it is about $96. hope you enjoy listening to it.....GO LAKERS!