Thursday, April 29, 2010

THE HOLLOW MEN-white train

Here's another 12" single from hollow men released in 1988 under arista records pre-madchester/acidhouse era. this cut was in the album "the man who would be king". i like this song because its got a little new wave, c86 jangly rhythm to it. this goes out to my fellow blogger DR. STIRRINGRHOD who we both share the same admiration towards the band, you can also find an extensive history of the band in his site

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

THE HOLLOW MEN- november comes (extended)

(tugtugpakpatupatugpak part2) like a sudden burst of rocknrolla energy from your speakers...i can attest, if you're ever in ecstacy or crystal meth this would be the track for it, i mean man!! you'd be all over the place. Another uderrated band from leeds they've been around since 1985 and took little notice by listeners and music critics. This remix version compared to the original is best included to your list because of the excellent wah wah guitars and drum beats. Do take time to listen...its worth the lost cause!!

i want it now

Thursday, April 15, 2010

SPACE MONKEYS-let it shine

(tugtugpak-tupatupatugpak) as noisey would describe any band with a madchester sytle of play...this band should be worth mentioning when it comes to madchester pop related subjects. Hailing from my favorite place in england, the great city of manchester, this band released their '97 factory records album the daddy of them all to an almost fading baggy/acidhouse scenery. upon listening to their music you could almost hear a Liamesque twang on the vocals during his definitely maybe days coupled with the heavy drum beats of 'ol classic madchester, makes me reminisce of the times with my dj buddys when it comes to closing out every gig...that was the only time that we actually let ourselves shine!!

i want it now

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

THE DANDYS-i wanna be like you

Ok im back to britpop mode again...i will be posting a couple tracks this month so keep bloggin in.

So here are the dandys, a 5 piece act from leeds with this infectious little tune from their one and only album release symphonic screams back in '98. Eventhough this band didn't make it far enough to be recognized,in my opinion they still can be considered as part of the britpop collective of the '93 to '99 era. The horn and harmonica blend in this track really sets it apart from the others at the time and the vocalist reminds me of suede. anyway this song is dedicated to my britpop mates cino, noisey and spacekid...coz they wanna be like me...i know i know just kidding!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


RATIONAL YOUTH-holiday in bangkok

This canadian new wave band released this track back in 1985 and was a minor hit in the philippines. It was played at local dance clubs back then and still could be played with todays music trend, i think. Don't be mistaken when it gets to the part where the chorus will definitely be shaking your head and going "oh yeah i heard this one before" so anyway dust those old pair of sperry topsiders you have in your closet and sport that wayfarer shades you still have laying around somewhere and head on down to RUMORS...which ofcourse might be a call center facility now of somekind hehehe Just dance in your room!

i want it now

Friday, April 9, 2010

PRIMARY COLOURS-paint love blue (extended mix)

Minimal synth venture from '85, this US band from Ohio sadly had only one record to their name an EP from after hours label, with this haunting song. I particularly fancy this mix because the vocals reminds me a little bit of koo de tah and all about eve and the breaking beats at the middle of the song makes you wanna slap another record to the table and start mixing...know what i mean dj noisey yeeee. thanks to my brother's recollection i would have never discovered this, oh and by the way, if you ever come across one get it, from what i gathered, this record is in the $100 and up kinda rarity.