Tuesday, September 24, 2013

THE FARMER'S BOYS-for you (big version)

Gone for over a year and a lot has transpired...I mean life changing things you never know could happen and in the weirdest ways possible but hey.."its all good" as they put it, I'm still here stuck with my ever galvanizing life and I cant complain. Anyway a lot can be discovered especially when you are rummaging to your old stuff...stuff that you don't even care to bother anymore and I'm talking bout my record collection ...funny thing is I haven't looked at them in ages and I am suppose to know what I own but surprisingly I totally forget what records I have...signs of aging, case in point, this twelver here, I mean this band is one of my faves and to think I don't even know what I have with this group hahaha suffice to say now I know I have at least four copies of singles from them including this one. Well anyways I just wanna throw this one out here decicated to YOU.

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