Saturday, August 21, 2010

INDIECOL series 1

Here is an answer to cina pacina's scavenger hunt, to which i may say has quite an exceptional selection of pickings and that is why i gave 3 thumbs up plus some hehehe, you can visit his blogsite here:
since we are in the mood for compilations, i also took the time in putting together samples from my cd and vinyl collection and some from mp3's...might not be as exceptional as cino's but a bit eccentric for some of you. here you will find a mixture of c86 jangly stuff with some new wave and baggy manchester bits thrown in for the likes. these are just samples and if you like what you heard you can purchase them at selected online downloading sites...its easier and cheaper!

THE SUMMER SUNS-waiting for my love

THE MIRACLE MILE-breaking down the barriers


EASTER MONDAY-independence day

SPEARMINT-scottish pop

ABSTRACT GREENS-she turns to flowers

THE SILENT REACH-melancholy love

FRIENDS-let's get away from it all

DRESSY BESSY-if you should try to kiss her


friend of rachel worth said...

Scottish pop is such a great song and the lp it is from is great as well.

i love the Miracle Mile song , but it did throw me as one of my favourite bands is the Miracle Mile , although they sound nothing like the track this band.

where are the one you posted from?

Great blog

randybazooka said...

this song from miracle mile is a b-side to the 7" single "bless this ship" which is also the A-side title track.

cino_pacino said...

randyb very impressive collection man!! magaling ang "silent search" dose ba 'to tsaka ang dressy bessy track good to listen to when you have a hangover!!!
jangly jungle, so much to answer for!!

p.s. did u like the forth thumb up last night!?? huh, randy.... u der?

NOISEBOX said...

great selection! yung dressy bessy narinig ko na before sa indiepop station ng live360.

karlos said...

please information band silent reach