Thursday, March 6, 2014

THIS FINAL FRAME-my blue heart

Released in 2009 under crashing records, this full length CD comprises of 10 heavenly haunting songs that are well arranged just like what they should sound like way back in 1985. Particularly popular in east asia most especially the Philippines, fans requested that they reform and record brand new songs and hence this CD. I chose the title song of the album because it really resonates what the new wave sound  is like as I remember them, although most of the songs here do,  this one though, really gravitated to me as if they knew what Filipino new wavers taste in sounds really cuts right to the core, ala Care dreamy in a way with lots of guitars and harp synth stuff.


cino_pacino said...

you and i don't really agree much mate.. but when we do it's these kinds of of music that brings us altogether yeah?
on the contrary ur arse will definitely be blue after i'm done toying with it!! u der randy??

randybazooka said...

hahaha...well cino we agree on pretty much everything except when it comes to mine being 7 inches longer than urs that's when you totally disagree coz u say its only 6 inches longer than yours but hey what is an inch among friends huh? uhhmmmm u der jaap