Thursday, March 24, 2011

GIGOLO AUNTS-bloom/serious drugs/ask

Here we have a yankee power pop band from where else new york. Formed in the early 80's and very much influential with up and comers from that era, i wish i could go in detail about them but i am too lazy to type, so pardon me...well you can still read about them at the wiki and it further discusses their whole coolness in detail. anyway this is one of the few american bands i admire like ocean blue and sonic youth among others. i like their sound because it is comparable to the teenage fanclub although minus the cockney. i also included their rendition of the ever famous tracks of the smiths and bmx bandits...hope it wakes you up!!


serious drugs



cino_pacino said...

sounds very alternative via the posies et al.... not bad, eh!
speaking of "bloom" your arse will be in full bloom like a mariposa when i'm done probing it! hahahaha.... uder randy_b?

randybazooka said...

Hahaha mariposa dat some funny shite meennggg!!!! Well at least mine wont get the kalachuchi bloom like urs after i dilig it wit mah high pressure hose hehehe