Monday, November 8, 2010

THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART-everything with you

This will be my last post of a series of bands from the 2000's. this band from new york city formed around 2007 are an up and coming indiepop tweepop dreampop janglepop whatever pops you can think of (and i know there will be hilarious comments waiting to be said). they are made up of 4 very talented musicians and they deliver what selected few who are into the aforementioned genre a blissful,easy to the ears,worryfree burst of melody. so take time, and get yourself a bottle of beer and jive to the groove of tweeness right on the floor. this especially goes out to my mates cino and nb who will have the pains of being pure at the bunghole after im through with them...hahaha like that huh!!

eveything with you


cino_pacino said...

great post poppin' cherry!! "come saturday" is my fave cut from the album.
pero aqui mi espada adentro para tu serote mi amigo... gratis paraiso senyor!! hehehehe.....

info_isoftwares said...

pano yung 8-0 lakers, yeee!