Sunday, July 18, 2010

THE NIVENS-shake it from the top

Reaching out from Norfolk UK, and with roots stemming from '85, this cut from danceteria records circa 1988-89 was from the album shake. i can't quite categorize them as indie rock all together because of the influenced "groovy sensibilites" of the 60's mixed in there (as for most of their songs anyway). i like this one, reason being that it is mild and harmoniuos, easy for listening on the way to a friends house....say to play ping pong or somethin'.


cino_pacino said...

randyb... never seen or heard this one before pretty and poppy indie tune i'd like one for my collection dyaknowattameen.
ping pong championship 2010
kalenso vs. yanti
ang premyo authograph lp ni jdde "bella flores" ep.

NOISEBOX said...

galeng ang nivens...daming japanese naghahanap nyan...pano yung rematch ng pong pyang? di lang autograph ni bella flores, me kiss pa nya hahaha!

randybazooka said...

ok lang matalo kung yun lang ang sanay naman kami matalo eh...inyo na!! hehehe

randybazooka said...

oh btw thanks for the comments..finally my brother returned my turntable usb for i can actually start recording my secret weapons ehehhehe lets go apeng daldal greatest hits and sex scandal here we come!!!