Tuesday, October 19, 2010

THE MOFFS-the traveller

The Moffs surfaced from sydney sometime in '84 and signed with citadel records to release their first single another day in the sun. their music which can be described as late 60's acid haze, is an acquired taste that one can only appreciate. with that being said, a few sentimental fans possess this unique ear for talent and so the band never stood mainstream success. aside from releasing just a few materials they played mostly in pubs with a handful of listeners. this single has indeed the 60's garage rock influence, i say this because of the keyboards, and of course it also has the 80's indie, new wave, what have you, feel to it as well. i personally fancy it and would impart this to all of us travelling back to our homeland this feb. hope you like it.

the traveller


cino_pacino said...

i like this one randy, ang galing ng discovery mo parang familiar sya, what have you. sounds like the band friends and i fancy that too....hehehe di nga ok to!!

NOISEBOX said...

galing ah, i like this one too...fancy na fancy...parang fancy kanton at fancy malabon hahaha!