Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MANILA BEAT blogsite

well just started my other blog that features italo and manila beats from mostly the 80's and some 90's...a lot of stock aitken waterman, PWL, ZYX and remake of old classics turned house. if you can detour here http://manila-beat.blogspot.com/ and add it, i would greatly appreciate it. NB TK CINO and the rest of the bloggers who are interested in this kind of music and those who grew up during this era, you might want to keep this in mind AIGHT!!! THANKS!!


cino_pacino said...

i see your true colors shining....hahahaha. keep it up boi! i'm there. not really interested in m-beat but i'll give it a try if you give me head!!??

randybazooka said...

oh yeah not interested huh well let me take a look at yo collection amigo hmmm let see oh gary low nice...what else finzi contini that a good one...hey i see silver pozzoli...hehehe...keep it up meng!!