Wednesday, January 22, 2014

HIDDEN CHARMS-run for your money (club a dub mix)

Back in the annals of 1983, a nice little synth pop group from the UK. The song reminds me of JIMMY JIMMY kinda, catchy and quirky to say the least. Instrumentals at the middle of the song is funky(ish) and I like it. Hope you listeners enjoy it...this is definitely not a run for your money if you happen to buy this single. To my amigos kumpadres homies "wer da heck are you guys at" !!!!!!


cino_pacino said...

hmmm.. i got sumthin' funky ya, boi! its Hidden alright and will definitely give you a heavenly anal Charm! hahaha!!!

randybazooka said...

hahaha oh yeah then why is it hidden ...lemme guess hidden between the buttcheecks ahhhhhh